Throat Problems

Throat problems are common among children and adults, and can cause difficulty with pain, swallow, breathing, hoarseness, cough and airway protection. Some throat problems, such as persisting hoarseness of voice, inability to swallow or noisy breathing – require urgent ENT review to exclude serious illness like cancer. Other times, your GP, who is an expert in managing throat symptoms – will ask for an Evolve ENT’s assistance – where their usual therapies have failed to resolve your concerns, where their review has revealed ‘red flag’ or worrying signs, or where despite their usual workup, your diagnosis remains uncertain.

Through a detailed assessment including history, examination, imaging studies in selected cases and a painless flexible telescope examination (performed under local anaesthetic in the clinic), your Evolve ENT surgeon will assist your GP in confirming a diagnosis, and establishing a management plan. Occasionally a short general anaesthetic may be required, so your surgeon can assess the upper segment of the oesophagus, and the expert opinion of additional professionals may be required, including a gastroenterologist, speech and language therapist (who specialises in swallow rehabilitation), and dietician.

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