What To Bring

Please arrive ten minutes early for your appointment, and bring your Medicare Card, Private Health Card and any other relevant memberships. Please bring any doctors’ and specialists’ letters, test results, and Xray discs or films which relate to your current condition.

Translation Service

If you are non-English speaking, please bring an interpreter or a friend or family member who can assist in interpreting during the consultation if possible, or notify us in advance if you require a phone interpreter.

While You Are Here

We try very hard to run on time, and we recognise your time is precious. Because occasional emergencies in ENT are a part of life, on occasion, we may need to ask for your patience. Please feel free to bring a book or iPad… And because we know that fed kids are happy kids, we encourage you to bring food and drink, iPads, and favourite toys to help your child play and learn as we prepare for their appointment.

After Your Appointment

If you are attending for a procedure, or for a dizziness consultation, please ensure you bring a support person who can accompany you on the journey home.