Head and Neck Conditions

In adult patients, neck lumps, and dysfunction of voice and swallow require early review to exclude serious disease. If you have one of these symptoms, your general practitioner may refer you to an Evolve ENT surgeon for an urgent appointment. While benign processes, such as lymph nodes responding to infection In the head or neck, can present with neck lumps, it is essential that patients undergo a careful examination – including a flexible endoscopy which is performed painlessly in clinic under local anaesthetic – to evaluate all of the skin and inner linings of the head and neck.

For patients with malignant (cancerous) disease, our Evolve ENT surgeons work closely with Sunshine Coast and Brisbane cancer specialists to co-ordinate care where required. Often, surgical treatment of Head and Neck cancers can take place close to home, under the care of Evolve’s sub-specialist Head and Neck Cancer / Thyroid surgeon. Occasionally, follow-up treatment may require radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy. Where Brisbane-based treatment is also indicated, Evolve’s team of surgeons and nurses will help you co-ordinate your care so you are well supported throughout your journey.

Head and Neck Specialist Surgeon feeling a lump on a female patient's neck

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