Childhood Voice and Breathing Problems

Noisy breathing can be caused by turbulent airflow in the upper airway (nose, mouth, throat and windpipe) or in the lower airways (chest). Depending on your GP’s expert examination, you and your child may be referred to an Evolve ENT specialist, to a respiratory (breathing) physician, or general paediatrician. An ENT surgeon can often glean a lot of information from your child’s health history, as well as from examination findings. Occasionally, your Evolve ENT specialist will look at your child’s airway directly, using our bendy spy telescope and a special numbing spray – this is a quick and painless procedure well tolerated by most children which can often be done during your clinic appointment. Occasionally, more in-depth assessment of the airway may require a visit to the operating theatre and a general anaesthetic.

Primary school girl sleeping soundly without noisy breathing


Beyond expert ENT care, Evolve surgeons ensure you understand your condition, and help you take control of your healthcare journey.