Sunshine Coast ENT Surgeons

About Evolve ENT

Evolve ENT is the collaboration of three QLD based ENT surgeons, Drs David Hogan, Kristy Fraser-Kirk, Daniel Timperley and Ben McArdle. Friends since medical school, the Evolve Team shared a common vision to grow their collective expertise to satisfy the full spectrum of ENT needs on the Sunshine Coast.

In addition to maintaining Fellowship with RACS (the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) and ASOHNS (Australia’s governing society of ENT surgeons), Evolve surgeons have undertaken higher training in international centres around the world. As a result, Evolve provides ENT care for all general paediatric and adult ENT conditions, advanced Rhinology and anterior Skull base surgery (McArdle), advanced Otology and Hearing Implant surgery (Fraser-Kirk) and Head and Neck and Thyroid surgery (Hogan).

ENT Doctor inspects a child's tonsils and throat

Better Days. Better Nights. Better Lives. 


Beyond expert ENT care, Evolve surgeons ensure you understand your condition, and help you take control of your healthcare journey.