Airway Problems

Breathing problems can be caused by the problems of the larynx and trachea (voicebox and large airways), small airways and airspaces within the chest, and by the nerves and muscles supplying the lungs and chest wall. Your GP is an expert in determining – on the basis of your symptoms, signs and their selected imaging studies – which system is likely to be your main problem. Occasionally, your GP will call on the assistance of an Evolve ENT, to provide a thorough assessment of the upper airway, voicebox and main airways.

Using a combination of imaging studies and a painless flexible telescope examination (performed under local anaesthetic in the clinic), and often in consultation with your GP, respiratory physician, and speech and swallow therapist, your Evolve ENT surgeon will assist you in reaching a diagnosis and management plan. Occasionally a short general anaesthetic may be required, so your surgeon can assess the main lower airways within your chest.

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